A life of Deaths or Births?

Life is filled with many a death is it not?

The death of a baby when she becomes a toddler. The death of a toddler when she becomes a child. The death of a child when she comes of age and becomes a teen. The death of a teen when she grows up into a maiden. The death of a maiden when she becomes a woman.

Or is it that life is built with many a life..?

Is it that the baby, toddler, child, teenager and lady all together build, a bit at a time the woman or man you were born to be?

32 days ago the unmarried, carefree girl in me died as I stepped into the comforting embrace of matrimony.

I am no longer alone… 🙂

‘I’ has become ‘WE’ in all my thoughts and actions.

My world has a new occupant and I now occupy a new world.

A new home, family, people, experiences, feelings, thoughts, environment…

I took a leap of faith.

(So did my husband for that matter. 😛 )

I am scared. Terrified in fact. I have left behind what had been my biggest comfort zone for the last 24 years.

I now stand with Life looming large over me.

But with each day passing though there is a bit of heaviness in my heart, I feel happy. Safe. Content.

My Man is everything I wished for 🙂












4 thoughts on “A life of Deaths or Births?

  1. I don’t think anything dies unless we truly let it to, so if you still believe in the child in you, even the new woman that you are now will recall and retain that part. 🙂 Sandcastles are temporary, but they can be rebuilt any time, right?

    I am happy that you are happy, and wishing you and the dude a very happy married life ahead. 😀

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    • Haha.. Thank you so much Leo. Guess this post was born from the feeling that Iliria has died. It feels like it is important that I should constantly remind myself that nothing is permanent. That even what has been around for 24 years can suddenly disappear leaving you in the lurch. Accepting the fact that nothing is constant… it’s kinda important I think. Guess am rambling now! 😛 Thank you for dropping by 🙂


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