The Wilderness Beckons


Ever been to a land where the air that embraces you hums and throbs with “Life”?

A land where the wilderness seeps in through the pores of your skin and conquers your heart.

A land where the splash of a single raindrop sends ripples through your entire being awakening senses you never knew existed.

Welcome to Thekkady.

Home to the richly diverse Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady lies on the Kerala- Tamil Nadu border, barely 4km from the picturesque Kumily.

It is a mere 3 hours away from Kumarakom- the village tourism destination which witnessed the rise of Responsible Tourism initiatives in Kerala, Alappuzha- the hub of backwater Tourism and houseboats and Munnar- the land which regales visitors with the history of tea plantations in Kerala.The Periyar Tiger Reserve with over 1965 flowering plants, numerous species of wildlife and a vibrant variety of birds is where Nature unabashedly flaunts her beauty and grace.

 The way the artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam reflects the myriad hues of green and entwines it with serenity is in itself disarming.

Situated on the northern boundary of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, deep in its dense forests, is the ancient Mangaladevi Temple. Made of huge pieces of granite, it stands at an altitude of 1337 m above the sea level embalmed in spiritual aura.

Yet another jewel hidden deep in the Tiger Reserve is the Lake Palace Resort. This century old palace was the summer retreat of the erstwhile Travancore kings. Today travelers stay here to take time off from the world to listen to the call of the wild. Thekkady offers travelers avenues for a wide range of accommodation facilities to choose from- both pocket-friendly and otherwise.

Be it praying at this mystic temple, trekking through the Tiger Reserve, Boating in the lake, bathing in the waterfalls, bamboo rafting, exploring the tribal life, art and culture, savouring the Village Life Experiences, enjoying the Elephant Safaris, pursuing the tiger trail or camping in the Jungles, Thekkady is sure to make you return to its embrace over and over again.


Draped in simplicity and adorned with grace, Thekkady is not just a destination. It is an experience in itself. Nuzzle into its arms, take a deep breath… and let go…

[A script written for a film on Thekkady.
The video of the same title is available on You Tube]


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